Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Bee-Lieve Campaign

As mentioned in a post a couple of days ago, the month of December will be dedicated to the sharing of stories from the heart. Stories that will re-instill the reasons to "believe in the impossible," and give you hope for the holidays and new year to come. I've asked other families of children who have received a diagnosis of hydranencephaly to share their stories, while also sharing some from across the globe that I have personally collected and found to be shareworthy.

On this first day of December, day one of our month-long "Bee-lieve" campaign, a heartwarming story from bee-utiful 11-year old Brianna's mommy Barb:

Bri & Mommy
This is one of my most memorable moments that  shows how special my little lady is and her impact on people in our community.

Every year we go to our local Festival of Trees for their Special Stars day. When it is Bri's turn to see Santa she has a special request to hear his bells. 

A couple years ago we were the last ones to see Santa. As we approached him he spoke to her by name. "Beautiful Brianna it is nice to see you again" he said. He reached for his bells knowing that was just what she wanted to hear. As he was ringing the bells he starting to sing to her softly. She was smiling and laughing. 

Before we knew it we were surrounded by an astonishing number of people who began singing with Santa. My heart was overwhelmed with joy. In all my life I had never seen anything like what happened that day. There was not a dry eye in the place. 

Brianna is truly a miracle in our lives and that day she shined brighter than any star in the universe. That kind of feeling is what life is all about. 

It doesn't matter what you look like or the different abilities you have everyone has the capacity to bring peace and joy to this world. When you let it in your heart you will feel a sense of peace as well. We see Santa every year and it instantly brings back that feeling of what happened that day.

Barbara Fuller,
Mom to Brianna  

Christmas 2010

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