Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bee-lieve Campaign: A Force to Be Reckoned With

From Small Portion of a Life's Journey, originally published January 2011:

A Force to Be Reckoned With
By Alicia Harper

I've posted about this topic of strength before, how I don't feel strong yet I'm continuously told that I am. I don't see it. I feel as if I am only doing what any good parent would do in my circumstances...being a mommy and fighting for my baby, and for his rights as a child and not just the condition he has been diagnosed with. I'm only doing the same as every other parent faced with the same circumstances as my own, loving my baby and fighting to give him the best quality of life possible.

Brayden lives with hydranencephaly...he isn't THE hydranencephaly, and he isn't SUFFERING FROM hydranencephaly. But you know, regardless the condition or struggles our children face...that strength lies within and is ready to help with the fight even when we are tired of fighting! It exists, and we as parents...especially with extra special little ones...are full of strength.

"How often has it happened -- an acquaintance hears your story or sees your child and says, "I'm not as strong as you. I could never deal with all the things you deal with." And you shake your head modestly, and brush it off, and maybe even feel a little condescended to. But you know what? They're right. You're strong. You're facing things that the average parent doesn't even want to imagine, and you're handling them. Whether you were strong to begin with or had strength thrust upon you by necessity, you're one strong parent, one strong person. Your family needs that strength, your children thrive on it. You may wish you never had to be so strong. But appreciate that strength now. It makes you special. Capable. A force to be reckoned with."

~by Terri Mauro from Parenting Special Needs Children at

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