Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bee-lieve Campaign: Bee-ography

From bee-grandmother to Brailyn, Angela:

Angela Christner

Even before Brailyn's birth, my daughter was pushed to terminate the pregnancy by some. We were told that Brailyn more than likely would not survive birth and if she did she wouldn't live long, maybe 6 months at the most. 

Brailyn was born December 15, 2010. The doctors had no hope for her at all. Within the first 2 months, she had 7 surgeries. 

Brailyn was born with so many things wrong that needed fixed right away. One of the doctors told us that they could fix her TEF, they could fix her heart, etc. but we needed to understand that they could not fix her brain. She suggested that we take Brailyn home and let her die. Brailyn coded a few times. The last time she coded and they put her back on the ventilator, we were told that she could not live without life support as she did not have enough brain mass to sustain life. 

Brailyn's mom and dad (my daughter) struggled with whether to keep her on life support or to take her off. We called the pastor and he baptized Brailyn. On February 24, 2011, Brailyn was taken off the ventilator. We were told that she would live minutes to hours. February 26, 2011, we brought Brailyn home. They told us she may live a couple weeks. The hospital had contacted the funeral home etc. We were told that more than likely she wouldn't survive the 5 hour trip home. They sent her home on hospice. They would not give us oxygen or anything, they took her off all her meds including her seizure meds as they felt she wasn't going to live and said she didn't need any of the machines. 

After being home a couple weeks, Brailyn got really sick so I called her hospice nurse as Brailyn was struggling to breathe and turning blue. The nurse came to our home and I begged and pleaded for oxygen for Brailyn. I was told that since she was on hospice, Brailyn was to be kept comfortable not to prolong her life. We were refused oxygen and Brailyn was so sick. The nurse told me that Brailyn's heart and lungs were weak and that she had fluid in her lungs. The next morning, Brailyn was still here and struggling. I made some phone calls and told them I wanted antibiotics for her. They said no, that would prolong her life not make her comfortable. Well needless to say I wasn't happy so I told them they were murderers. If I were to let one of my kids lay there and not treat them, they would have me thrown in jail and take my child away from me. I said YOU are NOT going to let this baby die of pneumonia. 

Well, they didn't think I was handling things well and dealing with reality so they sent a social worker to talk to me. Again, I told them they were murderers!!! and they were going to treat this baby. They finally gave us antibiotics and Brailyn got well. 

We found a doctor at Childrens in Omaha who was willing to take Brailyn on so we took her off hospice and have not looked back. Brailyn is growing and is the light of my life. Why people think her life was not worth saving is beyond me. I give thanks to God, because He is the ultimate physician and He has great plans for this baby girl. She will be one in a couple of days and what a party we will have!! 
6-month birthday celebration!

Having Brailyn in my life has opened my eyes and my heart. I never had a clue what people with special needs children went through or the fight they were up against. All I can do is PRAISE GOD for allowing me to be this beautiful girl's grandma and for the chance to meet all of you wonderful people in the Family-to-Family Network. 

There is a song by Rascal Flatts called I Won't Let Go. The song says I will stand by you, I will help you thru when you've done all you can do and you can't cope. I will fight your fight. I promised God and Brailyn, that if He would let me keep her with me for a while, I would fight her fight and give her every chance she deserves in life. (to watch video, scroll down and click "stop" on our music player): 

I have no idea what God has in store for us, but I can say that because of Brailyn, my faith is strong no matter what. God is almighty and He does not make mistakes; therefore, all our children are PERFECT! They are just as God intended them to be. They are blessing and most importantly, they are HUMAN BEINGS!!! 

They told us that Brailyn would never feel pain or have or feel any emotion.... BULL!! She knows when she is happy, sad, hurt etc.... They told us all of this just before taking her off life support. They told us that she just didn't have the brain or the connection. They also told us she couldn't see, well surprise she does. They also told us she would be deaf, well wrong again. She has perfect hearing in her right ear!!!


  1. Brailyn, Papa is so proud of you and what you have done through determination, and God's loving hands!! Dec. 15th, will be your BIG 1 YEAR BIRTHDAY!!!! So glad you are a part of my life!!! I LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!!!!!


  2. What a beautiful girl and wonderful story.Glad you are such a loving family and see the beauty of our kids.And you are right God doesn't make mistakes!


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