Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bee Buzz: National Adoption Awareness Month

35 years ago, the then governor of Massachusetts announced an adoption awareness week in his state of representation; soon, then president Gerald Ford took that week across the nation. In 1995, after advocates proposed the necessity for more time to bring awareness to their cause, then President Clinton expanded that week to include the entire month of November.

Last year President Obama started off National Adoption Month with a powerful proclamation:

"Giving a child a strong foundation; a home, a family to love, and a safe place to grow is one of life's greatest and most generous gifts. Through adoption, both domestic and international, Americans from across our country have provided secure environments for children who need them, and these families have benefited from the joy an adopted child can bring. Thanks to their nurturing and care, more young people have been able to realize their potential and lead full, happy lives."

There is so much more to be done in the world of adoption awareness, especially when it comes to children with complex medical conditions such as hydranencephaly. Termination proves to be the choice of physicians upon diagnosis, overlooking the many families who would love to provide a home. Many of the families involved in our family-to-family resource network are adoptive families, and a portion of our mission is dedicated to raising awareness of the availability of adoption as an option upon diagnosis of hydranencephaly. Stay tuned for more as the month continues...

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