Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Bee"-ography: Grandparents edition

This grandparents edition of "Bee"-ography in wrapping up our Grandparents month-long celebration comes from Brayden's grandma-mom (as his sisters call her), Maureen:

Hi! I'm Brayden's grandma, Alicia's mom. When Alicia first told us that she was pregnant, she told us that the doctors had concerns about Brayden's ultra sound. She went on to tell us that they think he will be born without most of his brain. Of course, that took a few days to hit home, but what did that truly mean?

When Alicia and I talked, she told me the doctors wanted her to abort this child, I was so glad that Alicia chose not to, because I have always believed that God blessed certain parents to raise his special angels on earth and I knew Alicia was that special momma.

The day Brayden was born, is a day I will always remember. They ran all the tests, it seemed like days, but it wasn't, two ladies came in, one the doctor and the other a counselor, they told us that Brayden would never hear, speak, or suck on his own. Now my thoughts were how could you walk in and say this to us, when this child has been doing this for a day and a half, when I first went in to see my precious grandson he had a pacifier. I wanted to yell "have you even looked at him in person or just looked at the tests, he can do all the things you say he will never do". 

They told us to take him home and make him comfortable, what does that mean!? Give up on him, he wants to survive, he is like his momma!!! I can not imagine what Alicia and James were feeling, I know I felt lost, where do you begin to look for help or information? 

I have always said you can only take one day at a time and it will come to you. Alicia and James, even his beautiful sisters have never gave up on Brayden, and he lets them know how much he loves them with that big beautiful smile he gives them when they walk in to a room.

No child comes with a manual, we are always asking for help on how to do things, thank goodness for the internet. In the past three years I have learned so much from all of Brayden's hydran family and grateful to be included in this caring family. I am very proud of Alicia and Brayden!!!! They are working together to make life more compassionate for the next family. 

I am so blessed to sit and hold my grandson, to sit and sing to him and for him to give me that warm smile, that says "I love you too grandma"!!!!!!!!!

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