Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Bee"-ography: Grandparents edition

Thanks to Betsy, Malcolm's grandmother, for her contribution to our blog honoring the grandparents in the lives of our little bees:

Malcolm, now 21, came into our lives when he was two, a cheerful happy boy. We had moved to Austria so didn't see a lot of him but Jenny brought him to see us. What joy as he giggled and giggled and caused many others to smile
and laugh. We always said that Malcolm and God shared jokes together!

A few years later he came officially into our family. We've seen him go through a variety of medical things, always showing us his patient side. It's hard to separate out who he is from the bonding that he has with his mother and siblings (4 of them).

As grandparents we are proud to let the world see how special he is to us. His communication skills are mostly through smiles, laughs, an attentive look when we sing or speak in certain ways.

We will always be thankful that Jen opened our hearts to a bigger world than we had ever known.

Jenny, has always had a heart for people with special needs.
So, it didn't surprise us when her day care (JennyBeans) had a number of children with a variety of challenges. We watched her give herself equally to all the children.treating all as 'normal'. We learned from her that each one, created by a loving God, has unique things to offer and when we look for that, we grow and are expanded in our love and care..we not only give but receive more.

"He who can reach a child's heart can reach the worlds heart."

~Rudyard Kipling

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  1. I don't think anyone could have put it better than you Betsy!!! Malcolm is very special, and your daughter is so amazing to recognize and nurture him.


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