Saturday, August 6, 2011

In Memory...

On July 29, 14-year old Ashleigh Nevil joined the other little bees who now dance amongst the angels. One of those angels is her own brother Malachi, who also lived with hydranencephaly until his body was made whole again in September of last year.

To assist the Nevil family in paying for two funerals in just 10 months, a friend of theirs has established a memorial fund account at Wells Fargo Bank. This family is an immensely loving, compassionate family who has provided the best quality of life possible to many little ones through adoptions. Unfortunately, children who are medically fragile are uninsurable under life policies that would assist with funeral costs. The government, of course, does not provide any source of assistance either. 

You can donate to the fund by visiting any branch of Wells Fargo bank and asking to donate to the "Ashleigh H. Nevil Memorial Fund" established in Texas. While financial donations are being requested, your simple thoughts are appreciated as well as this family endures the heartbreak of losing their little loved ones.
Drawing of Ashleigh & Malachi by their sister Makaila Nevil

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