Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bee Inspired: Wings of Encouragement

Oftentimes this journey is an exhausting one; full of unknowns, difficult decisions, and obstacles that may or may not prove to be overcome. Hydranencephaly is a powerful word that changes the lives of all involved in a matter of seconds; without the opportunity to adjust or accept, it is simply thrown at your child. 

From the Wings of Encouragement page on Facebook this morning:

‎"Life happens whether we want it to or not;
Sometimes its realities can burn us in the pits of our souls;
That's when we reach out and share our feelings;
Putting out the flames with tears from the depths of our hearts;
We keep moving forward no matter how hard life may seem;
We find something of which we are truly grateful for;
As long as it puts a smile on our face and brightens our path;
We can hold onto its pleasures and restore our outlook on life;
Then we reach out to someone in need;
It's a proven remedy, which allows an aching heart to be freed;
So hold on my friend no matter what may come your way;
These feelings are not here to stay;
They will pass through , onto the other side;
So rest assured, you will come through this a better you;
Then you will tell your story and help someone else through!"

                      ~Wendy Box, AAP Certified Counselor

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