Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bee Buzz: VOTE!!

As you may, or most likely may not, have noticed... to the left top side of our blog is a lovely pink icon.

Parents' Best Blog award has 12 categories & will be rewarding 2 blogs in each category, Editor's Pick and People's Choice, as winner at midnight on October 15th. So, be prepared for our shameless promoting over the next two months...

Clicking that icon will take you to the voting page, or you can vote HERE, where our blog was nominated for the "Best Special Needs Blog" award from We have a long way to go to catch up to the leader right now, our 8 votes compared to their 70-something, so please share with your friends & family and get to voting.


This request is not solely based upon us winning a national blog competition, though that would be nothing short of AMAZING, but it also aides our mission in raising awareness of hydranencephaly and our budding foundation. So we need you to vote, ask your friends to vote, ask your family to vote... vote from every email address you can create an account from! This is a phenomenal opportunity... the awareness of our foundation & hydranencephaly can mean saving a little life somewhere.

Thanks in advance... from all of our current little bees, new-bees, and bees-to-be:

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