Monday, June 13, 2011

Un-Bee-lievable Tuesday

Eight year old Kira has had plenty of ups and downs with her therapies. In recent years mom, Michelle has tried many things to help. Oral baclofen was added to her medications to try and help relax her muscles. Relaxing muscles helps reduce pain and increases flexibility. This also helps prevent problems like joint dislocations.

Finding the right level of comfort is key. While high tone can be painful and cause some problems, having some tone is the way many kids are able to have more movement and do things like sit up or hold their head up. If a child becomes too floppy, these movements become very difficult.

In an effort to help find the right balance Michelle has been working with her doctors and therapists to slowly lower Kira's medication to find the right dose.

It seems they are on the right track!

Kira has recently been able to reach a sitting position.

 She was also able to get up on all fours with assistance. These positions were impossible for her just a few months ago. She had not been able to do them for a long time.

And with the assistance of a new TLSO to support her trunk/allow for better breathing - she has been able to work up to standing in her stander for up to 18 minutes! Previously the brand new stander sat idle for many months.

We look forward to hearing more about the wonderful things Kira is up to with her therapies as things progress. We are so proud of you Kira! Finding a therapist willing to assess and work with each child as an individual is the key. Kira's therapists recognizes that there are times that she can be pushed, and others that she must be allowed to take a break. This flexibility has allowed Kira to basically blow the socks off of her therapist's expectations of where she would be at this point.

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