Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bee Buzz

New things are continuing to happen at the Brayden Alexander Global Foundation for Hydranencephaly!

First of all we want to wish our adorable Brayden Alexander a super Happy 3rd Birthday!!! Hope you have a super happy day with all your friends and family!!!

We want to remind everyone of our silicone bracelets we have for sale. They are only two dollars each and that includes shipping! They can be purchased here. Also we now have a handy shopping cart/checkout right on the site for those. Any of Sonya's merchandise will still need to be purchased from her Etsy store.

The foundation  now has a YouTube channel! It is called HydranencephalyKidz. Please check it out. We would love to have videos of your kids to add to it. Picture videos or home movie clips of your kids would be great. We are especially looking for videos of the kids playing, interacting with family, laughing, enjoying activities, smiling, eating, or doing therapies. See a video posted about the foundation and some of our sources that is on the YouTube channel posted just below this.

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