Sunday, May 15, 2011

Water Way Babies & Facebook

Everyone in the world is on Facebook, including our foundation! Upon reaching 1000 "likes" to our foundation page, click HERE to visit, we will raffle off one of Brayden's best-loved therapeutic tools: an aquatherapy neck ring from Water Way Babies.

Here is Brayden's first dip with his Water Way Babies system:

Since his first dip, well over a year ago, he has learned the value of purposeful movement in all extremities and I contribute it to his ease of movement in the water with his neck ring. The warm water and his freedom from spasticity and the weight of his head really gives him the confidence he needs to move.

Learn more by visiting Water Way Babies and be sure to "like" our foundation on Facebook HERE so we can raffle off this amazing product to one lucky little one! The luck winner will receive a blue, inflatable neck ring (pool not included) in size large, which accommodates a child between 20-40lbs... a $35 value.

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