Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Un-Bee-lievable Tuesday

Today we bring you yet another amazing accomplishment of one of our bees!

Chrissy Mason has been in Physical Therapy since she was an infant. She has made progress over the years, with some set backs, depending on her health status. When she  was two years old, she was standing with her therapist, and trying to take steps. However, as time went by it was harder and harder for her to stand. Her tone was so high that her hips were pulling out of joint. She ended up having bi-lateral femoral osteotomies, and was in a spica cast for 6 weeks. Afterwards, her standing was out of the question without more support. Chrissy then began standing in a piece of equipment called a "stander" when she was three years old. She has used  a stander ever since. Chrissy also has a back brace to help with her Kyphosis (pulling forward of the chest muscles, causing a "humped" appearance to the back). Chrissy's mother, Angela,  never thought she would see Chrissy stand on her own two feet again.

But recently, Chrissy has shown interest in weight bearing again on her own. While working on sitting straight and holding her head up, Chrissy has begun to put her feet flat and "push" with her leg muscles. 
This week Chrissy, at ten years old, (with support from her therapist) STOOD UP for the first time in six years!! Mom was there with the camera handy! Guess Chrissy's therapist will be coming up with some new goals!!!!

Un-Bee-Lieveable Chrissy!  Just shows us, once again, that we should never underestimate what these little miracles can do!! 

That smile on Chrissy's face says it all. She is proud of her hard work and we are proud of her!

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