Monday, May 23, 2011

Un-Bee-lievable Tuesday

Today is the first installment of  Un-Bee-lievable Tuesday - amazing accomplishments about our little hydran miracles.

Brayden Harper has only been in preschool a few months.He has managed to win over all his teachers, therapists and fellow students. We are proud to announce that Brayden got "Student of the Month" for his preschool in April! Way to go Brayden!!!

 Brayden's award is proudly displayed on the school wall.

Brayden's mom, Alicia, was overwhelmed when she found out - by having several teachers AND the school principal show her where it was hanging.

He was chosen as the recipient of the award by his teacher for his ability to bring out the best in everyone who meets him, having the biggest smile and being such an asset to his class. Even though Brayden needs a little extra help with some things, he gives a lot too! His award says he loves school, music, nursery rhymes, and making his friends laugh.

Brayden himself also knows what a special accomplishment this is. When his classmates point out his award - his usual smile, gets even bigger!

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