Friday, May 27, 2011

Bee Buzz

Bee Buzz will be bringing you all the latest news about the foundation and our wonderful families. Welcome to our first edition!

The Brayden Alexander Global Foundation for Hydranencephaly has a lot of exciting things planned. We will bring you details on everything very soon! Right now we would like to focus your attention on what is happening right now. If anyone has not see our new website - please check it out! We are adding to it all the time. Even if you have already checked it out, come back for another visit. It includes a page highlighting the lovely jewelry Sonya is making for us. Everyone should also check out the lovely collage made by one of our very own bumblebee mom's. It includes the pictures of over fifty of our beautiful children. It is on the "Our Kids" page.

We are now on twitter! Please follow us on twitter and get the latest news and alerts about new posts on this blog.

We are also on Facebook. We have a discussion group there for parents and caregivers of children with hydranencephaly. We also have a Cause page and a foundation page. Please stop by and "like" our foundation page. We would also love to have you join our cause! Help us spread awareness about Hydranencephaly. Share this blog and these links with your family and friends!

We have started some new weekly posts here on the blog. "Bee"-ography Monday, Un-Bee-lievable Tuesday , Bee-worthy Shares and now Bee Buzz! We welcome posts and ideas from our families! Please submit pictures, stories, videos and ideas to or ~Thank you!

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